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Flokkr is an 18+ social network that lets you make fun and meaningful connections with like-minded gay / bi / curious adults locally and worldwide.

Flokkr Places – Gay City Guide

Discover, review and share places for LGBTQ people in your area or for your next holiday. Our crowdsourced database includes the best gay bars, nightclubs, cruise bars, saunas, shops, boutique hotels, B&Bs as well as LGBTQ charities.

Stop looking for a place – just find it. Many of the places on Flokkr have a painstakingly researched and approved map marker that guides you straight to the venue entrance. No more confused searching.

  • Express yourself openly on a platform dedicated to gay, bi, curious men – separate from family and work.
  • Find out what’s happening in your communities.
  • Help other people from the communities you care about.
  • Don’t let the big corporations dictate what you can share online.
  • Feel welcome on a platform of inclusivity, respect and privacy.

There’s a community for every fetish, hobby, region…

  • BDSM
  • Daddies
  • Sports Gear
    Sports Gear
  • Hook up!
    Hook up!
  • Leather
  • Bears

Discover many more communities on Flokkr or even start your own group.

Have you been blocked on social media?

Traditional social media platfroms like Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok are meant to be family friendly and even gay dating apps are forced to obide by the rules of app stores. Many are known to block even harmless LGBT-related content such as a gay kiss.

Time to switch to Flokkr, a social network for gay, bi, trans, curious adult men, where you can be yourself. As longs as it’s legal and doesn’t discriminate you can share what matters to you.

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