Flokkr is a dedicated LGBTQ platform

where you can connect with your scene and be yourself – with privacy and respect.

Gay City Guide: Places & Events

Flokkr Places is the most accurate gay travel guide and LGBTQ+ local business directory on the web for dozens of cities across Europe and the United States, that is not crammed with ads and trackers.

Flokkr Go is the free gay guide app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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LGBTQ+ business owners and event organisers – we love you!

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Flokkr means Community

Our Flokks are online gay+ community forums where users can respectfully share content, ideas or simply make meaningful connections.

Fun fact: “Flokkr” is an Old Norse word that means a group of at least five men or a party.

What do we do differently? Privacy

Do you think it’s right that everything you do and look at online is shared with third parties like advertising networks, data brokers and big tech like Google and Facebook? Do you think it’s acceptable that your HIV status and other profile details are shared with investors?

We don’t. That’s why we’re building Flokkr from the ground up to respect your data and privacy.

Flokkr is also for LGBTQ+ Businesses, Professionals and Charities

Business technology can be ethical. It has to be.

As professionals serving the LGBTQ+ community, it is our duty to treat our customers with the respect and privacy they deserve.

An increasing number of people no longer trust the likes of Facebook an Google with their private life, don’t want to accept third-party cookies and use ad blockers. Don’t leave them behind.

Show your customers that you care. Give your audience a choice. Let us help you on your journey to make the tech in your business more ethical and reach new audiences sustainably.