Update: infinite scrolling and post sharing

A very warm welcome to all new users, who joined us this week! 🥰

Just a quick update of the changes over the last few days…

A feature called “infinite scrolling” has just been added to the Flokk feeds. Ideally this is nothing you should worry about. It basically means, you can scroll though the Flokk posts and the web app automatically loads more posts from the server in the background as you scroll. It should make your experience smoother and faster. If you experience any problems, please let us know.

You can now also share the link of a Flokk post with others, e.g. on social media, text message or email. The post (without the comments) can then be viewed in any browser even without being logged in. After all, “hyperlinks” is what made the internet so popular.

We do realise that you might occasionally want to post something private and don’t want this to be seen from the outside. We will add a switch for private posts soon.

Let us know what you think!