Esmale: Flokkr Gold Sponsor of the Month January 2023

Hi Flokkr community,

Today I’m excited to share with you the news that Esmale was so generous to become our first ever sponsor for this month and explain to you why it matters to our community.

Esmale is an established online shop for gay sex toys, fetish, fashion, essentials and more. Throughout January 2023, Flokkr users will get an extra 10% off using voucher code FLOKKR10. Go and browse their offers and the January sale.

As you probably know, Flokkr is on a mission to create great services for the LGBTQ+ community that truly respects the privacy of its users. This means Flokkr does not track its users and does not share personal data with third parties. We don’t use privacy-invasive tools of Google, Facebook or of the many other ad tech companies out there, that build up huge profiles about pretty much anything you look at online to sell and target you with more ads.

We do this, because we respect you. But this also means it makes it harder to monetise and keep the lights on. One piece of the puzzle is our brand new sponsorship programme. In return for an LGBTQ-friendly company being the sponsor for one month, we link to their website without cluttering our own website with random ads.

We think this is a triple win for everyone:

  • It’s great for the sponsor, because the sponsorship is not just a simple advert. It highlights their commitment to support the LGBTQ+ community and an ethical platform like Flokkr. As a result it strengthens a long-term relationship between brand and users.
  • It helps us stay independent and build the services for the LGBTQ community.
  • It’s a win for you, the Flokkr users, because we don’t have to charge you whilst we also don’t have to sell your data. On top of that, you may get exclusive access to special offers, like the above mentioned discount code.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, opinions or suggestions, please let us know. We love your feedback!

Thank you for being with us and thank you, Esmale, for your support and believing in us!