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Start collecting Karma points

Flokks are at the heart of Flokkr. We’re trying to offer people from all areas of the wider gay community places to come together and have fun, yet meaningful conversations, to share their passions, problems, tips, hobbies, kinks and fetishes.

We believe the Karma points system will help to create and maintain a positive atmosphere on the platform.

How does it work?

We encourage you all to use the up and downvote feature often. That’s those two little triangle arrows you find in the bottom left corner of all posts and comments.

Click the up ▲ arrow if you find somebody’s contribution interesting, useful, funny, important…

Click the down ▼ arrow if you think a particular post or comment is not useful for the conversation, is spammy, abusive, wrong or bad advice etc.

You shouldn’t downvote something just because you’re not interested in a topic or generally slightly disagree with an opinion. You get the idea.

The sum of up and downvotes is displayed between the two arrow buttons. The higher the number, the better. The votes themselves are anonymous and not publicly visible. In other words, if you vote on somebody’s post or comment, only you can see how you voted, but neither the author, nor any other user can see that or how you voted.

Bottomline: Don’t be afraid to use the up or downvote buttons. By the way, you can always change your vote by simply clicking again.

What impact does your vote have?

Two things: Firstly, highly rated posts and comments will get ranked higher in the feed, which results in higher visibility of the more valuable contributions. Everybody benefits: The good stuff can be found more easily, the bad stuff drops down.

Secondly, somebody who continuously makes positive contributions on Flokkr gets more upvotes and therefore earns more Karma points. The Karma points are displayed on everybody’s profile page. Over time this will become an indicator to other users. On the other hand, if a user keeps behaving in a negative way the score will remain low or even fall below zero.

Over the next weeks and months we will keep an eye on votes and awarded Karma points and it’s quite possible that we will adjust and fine-tune the feature. We’re still experimenting. Ultimately, we want to make Flokkr to be a positive environment for everybody and make it easy to discover great content. Let us know what you think!