Install the “Share on Flokkr” Chrome Extension

If you use Google Chrome on your desktop computer, you can now install our extension, which makes it super easy to share a web link while you’re browsing the web.

Get the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Whenever you’re on a web page that you’d like to share in one of your Flokks, simply click the little Flokkr icon near your browser’s address bar and a new tab will open where you can start composing your new Flokk post with the URL of the page you just viewed.

Nothing will be shared until you viewed the preview of your post and submitted the post, so it’s safe to try it out without posting anything. We would also like to stress that our Chrome Extension is not only tiny in size, it also respects your privacy. The extension will only be activated when you click it and only to open a new window on together with the URL you want to share. Regarding your normal browsing, there is no tracking or data harvesting involved.

One more thing: Our Chrome Extension is also compatible with Brave, a privacy-first browser, which you can download and use to support Flokkr. Download Brave for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.