We’re introducing push notifications

We’re excited to introduce push notifications like those you know from native smartphone apps. To start with we send you a push notification when somebody sends you a new chat message.


Web push notifications are supported by most modern web browsers, but unfortunately Apple does not allow this yet in any browser for iPhone or iPad and Safari for macOS. There’s nothing we can do. We will, however, also add email notifications soon.

Examples of browsers supporting web push notifications:

  • Google Chrome (for Windows, macOS, Android…)
  • Firefox (for Windows, macOS, Android…)
  • Edge

Enable push notifications

  • Go to the Flokkr web app home page.
  • There should be a box at the top titled “PUSH NOTIFICATIONS” (see screenshot above). If you can’t see this box at all, please see below unter “Web app updates”.
  • Click the button “Enable notifications
  • If your browser asks you, confirm to allow notifications.
  • Feel free to send us message and we will reply, so you can see if it’s working.

If you get a message saying that your browser is blocking notifications, you may have accidentally block notifications for flokkr.com or for the entire web browser. Usually you can find this in the browsers settings, but the details vary between browsers and devices.

Web app updates

We have also improved how this web app will update itself in the future. Ironically, you may have to take an extra step for this update to be installed.

As mentioned above, if you can’t see the box shown in the screenshot, it probably means you’re still using an older version of Flokkr – and no, reloading the page probably won’t help.

Please close all Flokkr browser tabs (or quit the browser altogether) and then open flokkr.com again. Alternatively log out and log back into your Flokkr account. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Your feedback

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment with feedback or if you need any help.