How are you coping with all this?

The Novel Coronavirus has, in one way or another, taken over all our lives. I hope you, your friends and family are all well.

How are you coping with social distancing? Are you proper self isolating? How are you coping? Do you have any tips?

Personally, I’m lucky to be able to work from home and – believe it or not – I’m working every single day to make personal photo albums happen. They’re coming soon. I only go outside for essential shopping or for a walk away from other people.

But I can’t lie – last week I occasionally got sucked into the terrible habit of constantly checking the news online, on TV and radio. It’s been a dramatic week for the world, but we must remind ourselves: This is only the beginning and we all must find a way to go through this for many weeks or months and stay sane.

The constant news updates, numbers of new cases and deaths, politics and reports can make you go crazy. I find it extremely important that people follow the news and take all the advice given very seriously, but don’t forget also to turn off the COVID-19 news stream for at least some hours every day and do something else.

Do all you can to protect yourself and other people from the virus. Stay inside as much as possible. If you do leave the house, keep a distance from other people. Wash your hands. But also don’t forget about your own mental health. Stay safe!