How does it work?

  1. Send us the month or months you want to sponsor, a web link to promote, and your banner ad design (see specifications below). If you’re too busy, ask us to create something for you.
  2. We will reply with a payment link and any questions we may have.
  3. Make your sponsorship payment of only $100 (around £80) for a full month.

When your sponsorship goes live, we will display your image and link near the top of almost every publicly accessible page on (some exceptions apply).

That’s it. No fuss. Now let’s get started:

The rules

  • The promoted business, event, app, service or website must be legal.
  • We will reject anything that may be considered spam, misleading, scams, as well as anything racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.
  • The banner image must not display pornography, violence, etc.

Image specifications

  • Ratio: 32:5
  • Minimum size: 320×50 pixels
  • Recommended size: 1280×200 pixels
  • Format: PNG recommended, but most common formats are good.

Good to know

  • Your sponsorship is pretty much ad blocker resilient, because we host and serve your ad like our own content, without any third-party ad networks.
  • It’s ethical, because we will not track or target our valued visitors, we won’t share any personal data with third parties and we don’t rely on cookies and the likes.
  • We’re flexible and also welcome additional promotions like special deals or giveaways for our users.
  • Your sponsorship will be seen and valued by a wide LGBTQ+ audience.
  • Your sponsorship supports small independent LGBTQ business.

Any questions?

Send us an email – we’re happy to help!