The Hole

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  • Cruise Club
  • Permanently closed


The Hole was a gay cruising club. It closed its doors in 2022 and has been replaced by The Factory at a different location closer to the Yumbo Center.

Permanently closed

According to our data, this place has been closed for good. Sometimes a new place opens at the same location, potentially under a new name and/or under new ownership.

If you believe that this is a mistake and the venue is still operating or only closed temporarily, please let us know!

Typical audience

Most people visiting The Hole are gay men with mixed fetishes.


  • Adults only
  • Men only
  • Not wheelchair accessible


  • Bar

Payment & Pricing

  • Usually paid entry
The Hole on a map
Avenida de Gran Canaria 24
35100 Maspalomas


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