Update from behind the scenes

Just giving you a quick update to let you know what’s happening at Flokkr…

🗺 You may have seen that Flokkr Places has launched recently, including an interactive map, where you can discover and add LGBT+ places in the real world in your area and around the world.

😵 Although a long-awaited upgrade of the Flokkr Radar feature is a top priority, it has come to our attention that new users are having trouble signing up to Flokkr. This is obviously bad, so we’re working double-hard to fix this first.

😯 There also seems to be a bug in the push notifications button, but this should be fixed pretty quickly.

💻 Lastly, there was also a range of important tasks regarding the server infrastructure that was addressed in recent weeks.

🥰 Your feedback is always welcome. Let us know how we can improve your experience on Flokkr!